Fox Petitions LLC is a corporation registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission and political committee registered with the Arizona Secretary of State.

To: Arizona Registered Voters

We are collecting signatures for the two Arizona Constitutional Amendment initiative petitions to get them placed on the November 2014 Arizona ballot. We have until July 2014 to submit 370,000 signatures for each petition to the Arizona Secretary of State's office.

We are requesting your help in collecting signatures by having 15 other Arizona Voters sign all petitions (family, friends, co-workers, etc), then for you to sign and have your signature notarized on the back of pages. When completed mail to us. If you need more petitions, photo copy before you begin collecting signatures or download from our web page. Be sure to follow instructions exactly so the government does not have any excuse to void signatures.

If you are unable to circulate petitions then we welcome donations to pay petition gatherers. Please understand it is an expensive and daunting task for any one group to collect 370,000 signatures for initiative amendments (per petition). That is why we require each group or person to pass around other group's petitions and not just the petition that is important to them. Our motto is "all initiatives get on the ballot or none do." So, please collect signatures for all petitions and you can always vote against them in November 2014 election. Go to the initiatives pages to review the two initiatives we have begun circulating.

We Failed

Fox Petitions was sorry to inform our supporters and those who worked so hard to collect signatures that we came up short for our previous 8 initiatives we circulated in 2012.

1. Smart Prison Population Act (I-05-2012)
2. Adoptable Cats and Dogs Act (I-06-2012)
3. Worker's Rights Act (I-07-2012)
4. Honest Officials Act (I-08-2012)
5. No Criminal Exemptions Act (I-09-2012)
6. Victimless Crime Act (I-10-2012)
7. Fair Crime Act (I-11-2012)
7. Wrongful Conviction Compensation Act (I-12-2012)

We are regrouping are back with two new initiatives. This was our first time out and we have learned a lot about the process and our mistakes.

We attempted to be a true grass roots organization by collecting signatures with volunteers alone. However, every initiative that has ever gotten on an Arizona ballot, including this year, had to pay people to collect the majority of signatures.

We will continue to be grass roots but we will also not be nieve again; we will pay some circulators. For this ends we created a revenue sources by selling ads on our ALERTS and e-mail addresses to prisoners; donations in this economic climate cannot be relied upon, but we welcome donations. No one at Fox Petitions receives a salary.

Last time we only had 5 months to collect signatures, late start. This time around we will have 18 months-January 2013 thru July 2014.

Fox Salerno

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